Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday, a friend of mine called me right before lunch and asked if I could help her out.  She was demonstrating scrapbooking in her class and wanted a digital layout of mine to show.  If I could share one that was Halloween themed, that would really work out great.  So I had my challenge before me.  I don't celebrate the holiday, so I didn't have any layouts to pull from inventory.  And her class was at 4:00, so I only had a few hours (she needed enough time to get it printed out).  So 3 hours and no layout. 

I had downloaded some elements earlier in the morning and decided to look through them.  That is where I found the little "bat" baby.  My friend has a little boy who I knew would look so cute in that costume.  So I Photoshopped him into the costume and built the page from there. 

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